Skyhill Farms | Sustainability


Here at Skyhill, we are proud to be able to call ourselves a farmstead business. What does this mean? Simply, our dairy operation and cheese production take place on site. Our long-range goal is that our 160 acre farm be entirely self-sustaining; we’re well on our way.

We grow our own alfalfa, have designed the recipe – comprised of local grains – for our goats’ supplemental feed, and utilize state of the art milking practices. Our goats also spend ample time browsing in the great outdoors as we rotate them through our fields.  Unlike grazing, browsing causes no damage to the land; our goats tread lightly. These elements combine to create milk of the highest quality. And of course, the better the milk, the better the cheese.

All of our production by-products are utilized on the farm. Winter rain run-off is conserved in a  250,000 gallon cistern to provide summertime water for our gardens and orchards. We have been instrumental in supporting and developing one of the best windmill farms in California; our location takes advantage of the Delta breezes which blow between the Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley.  We are currently assessing the potential of solar panels to supplement the power grid in our area.

If we’re not delivering our own product (we love our truck!), we have carefully selected distributors who agree that our products must arrive in your local market or restaurant in the same high quality condition that they left our dairy. Additionally, we’re collaborating with many of these restaurants, as well as independent chefs, to utilize our gardens in creating an eating experience that is as beneficial for the earth as it is for our stomachs!

Please enjoy our products, knowing that we are employing the best practices from creation to consumption, while treading lightly and improving the land on which we operate.